Cleaning Up the Archive

*blows off dust*

Okay, so it’s been forever and a day since I last posted. Like, over a year. I deserve all the hatred so toss it my way.


Done? No? Okay.

All right, now you’re done, right? Right. Let’s get to today’s topic which is, essentially, me telling you I’m cleaning up my archive page. For those of you that know me, you know I suffer from a really bad case of writer ADD and I jump around many stories. It’s a bad, bad habit and one I am still trying to break. It may not be able to be broken but my page on the archive is just littered with poor, poor, redshirts. All the bodies lie strewn about, missing key parts of their story because I’ve either moved on or haven’t gotten around to getting back to them yet. All of them could use some form of editing for sure and so, I’m pulling a lot of stories starting this Saturday (May the 25th).

This is going to be done for a few reasons. Primarily, because next week starts the review hunt and my many unfinished WIPs need to make way for other stories that deserve the light. They’ll be other review hunts and hopefully by then I will have things edited and new chapters up. But for this first one these stories are coming down, down, down.

Secondly, I need to them to come down so I can really look over them because some of these stories were posted out of excitement and did not see a very good editing process. I am weak as an editor but I need to take responsibility for my weakness … I shouldn’t be putting so many poorly edited things on there.

Thirdly, I really want to rewrite some things. A lot of things. Most of these WIPs have problems with characters/plot/setting across the boards. Some were experiments in different writing styles. Some were merely extensions of a universe I had fully yet to realize (but am slowly beginning to realize it now). A lot of this stuff needs to be taken a hard look at.

Finally, I want to clean up my archive page so people don’t get so lost in looking at all the unfinished things and wondering which one I’m going to get to. I’m pulling a ton of stuff so I can limit the number of WIPs I’m actually looking at to a few, maybe three or four tops. WIPs aren’t bad things but the number of them I have are bad in such large quantities.

So, many stories are coming down this Saturday. For those that have taken the time to review them and care about them, thank you. I promise I will finish these stories at some point in the future but I can’t promise that’ll be anytime soon. I hope when I repost them, when they’re better written and edited, you’ll take the time to read them again.

I promise you, they will be different.

But for now they have been redshirted and their eulogies are being written. Saturday, the axe drops.