Possible Victim Number Four: Kyne Tolera

And now onto our final victim, the last remaining security officer from the Crazy Horse.

(She currently doesn’t have an actress picked out, so feel free to suggest someone.)

Who Is She?

Kyne Tolera is a Bajoran security officer, formerly of the Crazy Horse. Tolera is tough, hard-nosed, not afraid to make difficult decisions and someone you’d rather not fight with. 36-years-old in Earth years, her prime as a physical specimen is growing short. She’s had a rough time finding satisfaction in personal relationships as she tends to end up with assholes.

But that particular streak is broken when she meets up with Ronnie, who has crushed on her from the moment he came aboard. The two of them become close as they navigate the Borg filled hallways of the Crazy Horse and eventually, with survival unlikely, Tolera admits to Ronnie that his feelings have been blatantly obvious to her since day one.

The two enjoy each other sexually in what they believed were their last moments and since that point they’ve been an unofficial item. She sees him as young, naive, but someone she should protect and stand by.

What She’s Done So Far

1. Rescued and protected Ronnie Jellico on their previous ship, the Crazy Horse.

2. Made it to the battle bridge aboard the Crazy Horse and successfully transmitted a distress call for help. While there, made love to Ronnie Jellico.

3. Was beamed to the sickbay aboard the Challenger while making love to Ronnie.

4. Protected Ronnie as the two of them traversed the Borg infested corridors of the Challenger.

5. Killed a number of soon-to-be Borg drones who were previously Starfleet officers.

6. Transported critical supplies to sickbay.

7. Stood guard in sickbay as the weapon was being made.

If She Lives …

Tolera will become part of the crew of the Challenger, likely slotting in as second-in-command behind chief of security G’Rayne (a Klingon and a Bajoran working security together has all the makings of a mini-series). She’ll continue to pursue her relationship with Ronnie (if he lives) or be in a very hardened, hateful state (if he dies).

Tolera will likely become friends with Felicia (that Betazoid becomes friends with everyone) and perhaps foster a mutual respect with Trisha (the two came into conflict about the Borgified Cardassian). Tolera’s a tough nosed security officer and that’s a type of officer Captain Phillips likes (since he himself once worked security).

From a story standpoint, Tolera is fun to write. She’s always game for a good reaction and has quite a mouth on her, which makes watching her interact with the other characters entertaining as hell. She’s the only one out of this bunch that has yet to have a chapter with her POV in it, which makes her unique in that she’s become so crucial even without that advantage.

If She Dies …

Ronnie Jellico will be hurt. This would count probably as one of his first loves (and one he was really wanting to work out) and she is also the only other person from his first assignment left. Ronnie would become the last survivor of the Crazy Horse and would feel like the only reason he lived was because of her (not entirely untrue). Feeling as if his place among those around him wasn’t earned, Ronnie would double his efforts in proving himself, taking great risks in doing so which could have a number of unfortunate consequences.

Tolera’s death otherwise doesn’t make many waves as she is just a security officer, after all.

From a story standpoint killing off Tolera only really affects Ronnie, but that’s not to be undervalued. Ronnie’s views on the Borg are largely that they used to be people and sympathy should be had for them, but if Tolera dies those views will likely become less forgiving. Ronnie’s views will play an important part further on in the overall story as they’ll be key as it relates to his father’s views.

Tolera is a security officer and has no POV chapters to her name, which makes it almost too easy to kill her off, but out of everyone she would be the most likely to take the plunge in a desperate situation for the good of the ship. At the same time, that’s quite a cliche that can be avoided.